Finca Encino, Mexico
Finca Encino, Mexico

Finca Encino, Mexico

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Farm: Finca Encino

Producer: Maria Marcelo

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Elevation: 1200 masl

Region: Guerrero

Country: Mexico

Finca Encino, a six-hectare farm at 1,200 masl, is owned and operated by Maria Marcelo. Her coffees are an example of smallholder excellence who are changing the landscape of Mexico specialty coffees. Within the six hectares, she cultivates around 12,000 trees alongside plantains, oranges, and limes. After harvesting the ripest cherries she sorted and dried them naturally for two weeks. Within the cup, her attention to detail shines clearly through the flavor quality. It is important to note this coffee was intentionally processed utilizing anaerobic fermentation. In general, placing freshly-harvested cherries inside a sealed container or bag of some sort for a period of time will create a flavor impact. We find those anaerobically-fermented coffees often exhibit an increase in the intensity of fruit and acidity and a slight increase in the body. Nonetheless, the anaerobic fermentation process has a distinct impact on the outcome of the flavor profile.