Kiam Papua New Guinea
Kiam Papua New Guinea

Kiam Papua New Guinea

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Region:  Jiwaka Province

Farm:  Various Smallholders - Lahamenegu and Kiam Mill

Variety/Cultivar:  Typica, Bourbon, Arusha

Altitude:  1,650 masl

Process:  Washed, Sun Dried

North of Australia, Papua New Guinea is the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. It’s within the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” situated on overlapping tectonic plates, and has active volcanoes. Less than 20 percent of the population lives in cities, and an estimated 40 percent of the population is entirely self-sustaining. Jiwaka Province is the second-highest coffee producing area in the country and borders Mount Wilhelm, the country’s tallest mountain.

Most of the ripe cherry is collected at farm gates and brought to the mill, but some is delivered to the wet mill by farmers. All the cherry is then pulped, washed, soaked and sun dried to 11 percent moisture content. The coffee is then stored as parchment for transport to our central processing mill in Goroka, approximately 200 miles away in the Eastern Highlands Province, where it’s hulled for shipment. To preserve quality, the coffee stays in the Highlands — where it’s far less humid — and is transported another 200 miles by road to the port city of Lae, only just in time to meet the vessel.