Lenana AB Kenya
Lenana AB Kenya
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Lenana AB Kenya

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Region:  Mount Kenya

Farm:  Small Holders

Variety/Cultivar:  SL 28, SL 34, Bourbon

Altitude:  1500-1700 masl

Process:  Washed

Taste Notes:  Currant, Citrus, Clove

-Small holders cultivate about 150 trees each.  Cooperative mills disc pulp, ferment, wash, and sundry on elevated tables.

-Mount Kenya, extinct plug volcano with U-shaped upper valleys formed by past glacier activity.  Soil types include basalts and kenytes. 

-Lenana is Mount Kenya’s second highest peak. AB refers to the two screen size beans that make up this coffee lot.

-All Kenya coffees go through Central Auction. Taylor Winch is auction purchasing agent for Genuine Origin.