Regalo de Dios Nicaragua
Regalo de Dios Nicaragua
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Regalo de Dios Nicaragua

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Region:  Quisuli, Mozonte, Nueba Segovia

Farm:  Fina Un Regalo de Dios

Variety/Cultivar:  Pacamara

Altitude:  1500-1800 masl

Process:  Natural

Taste Notes:  Eau de Parfum, Spiced Wine, Chocolate

-Producer Luis Alberto Balladares Moncada’s farms won Cup of Excellence placement 2017 & 2018.
-Farm, situated in Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range, boasts more than eight varieties on 130 of 179 total acres. Cherry processed as naturals dry 30-35days.
-Optimal microclimate and terroir; broad leafed conifer cloud forest, 5”-6” annual rainfall, 50 F -60 F perennial temperature, sandy soil topped with microorganism decomposed plant material ( compost). -Pacamara: Large bean dwarf from Paca and Maragogype variety. Susceptible to leaf rust. Generationally inconsistent.