Five Fazendas Brazil Espresso
Five Fazendas Brazil Espresso

Five Fazendas Brazil Espresso

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Region:  Cerrado and Sul de Mina, Setubinha, State of Mina Gerais

Farm:  Fazenda Lenheiros, Fazenda Alcaan, Fazenda Santa Barbara, Fazenda Queixadas, and Fazenda do Lobo

Variety/Cultivar:  Red Catuai, Mundo Novo, Topazio, Acaia

Altitude:  750-1350 masl

Process:  Natural (Ripe & Raisin), Mechanical Harvest

-Multi-layer processing: Tree dried and ripe cherries harvested together then separated by density after cleaning. Patio sun and mechanically dried. Minimum 30 day wood box rest before hulling. Second screen, color, and density sort before sealing for export.
-Contrasting regions: Sul de Minas; generational traditions on colonial farms, steep slopes, verdant valley landscapes.

-Cerrado; newest growing region with warm temperatures, sunlight, and dry winters. Rose to prominence after frost and nematode damage forced producers into new areas. Soil development, plant adaptation required. -Groundswell’s first natural espresso. Surprisingly clean despite lower elevation.


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