Kerinci Solok Sumatra

Kerinci Solok Sumatra

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Region:  Jami, Kerinci

Farm:  Small Holders, Solok Redjo Cooperative

Variety/Cultivar:  Lini S795

Altitude:  1585 masl

Process:  Semi Washed

-Famers of Solok Radjo Cooperative are transplants to the area tasked with planting Arabica in place of Robusta destroyed by 2009 Tsunami. (Part of old USAID development project; Mount Kerinci forest preserve.)

-600 members engaged at all levels from having 3 certified Q-Graders and both field & mill cuppings to roasting, brewing, and visiting cafes in-country. Technical moisture control, the newest improvement.

-Currently undertaking re-forestation project nursing shade, forest, and coffee seedlings for replant and maturation as shade grown coffee lots

-Indonesian demand in decline among U.S. roasters. This offering show they’re definitely worth a revisit.