San Carlos El Salvador Espresso
San Carlos El Salvador Espresso
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San Carlos El Salvador Espresso

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Region:  Canton Potrero Grande, Santa Ana-Llemapetec, San Salvador Department

Farm:  Finca San Carlos, CUZCACHAPA Cooperative

Variety/Cultivar:  Bourbon, Pacamara, Kenya

Altitude:  1650-1850masl

Process:  Fully Washed, Patio Dried

Tucked into a wind-protected slope of the Llamapetec volcano, 119 acre Finca San Carlos is a battleground of agricultural innovation. Owner Carlos Raul Riera Mendez combats la Roya, a.k.a. leaf rust, with strategies gained in Colombia including the use of organic fungicide and planting F5 Hybrid Caturra along with other resistant cultivars at various elevations.

At the same time he pursues higher cup quality, adding the Geisha variety in 2015.