Zalmari Costa Rica

Zalmari Costa Rica

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Region:  Cachí, Orosí Valley, Costa Rica

Farm:  Zalmari Estate

Variety/Cultivar:  Bourbon, Caturra, Obata, Venecia, Geisha

Altitude:  1000-1250 masl

Process:  Washed and Honey

Fourth generation Cecilia Genis runs Zalmari Coffee Estate with her mother, Marigold Murray. Since founding the Zalmari Coffee Estate in the 1920s, the Murray family have woven their values into their work: protect the environment with sustainable business practices, support the Cachí community, farm top-quality coffee.

Cecilia and Marigold are longtime members of the IWCA-Costa Rica (International Women’s Coffee Alliance). They are passionate about women’s empowerment, and their farm was the first to earn the WCC (Women Care Certified). This certification is designed to improve the sustainable lifestyle for women involved with cultivating, processing, trading, and exporting coffee.