Snow Orchid (oolong)

Snow Orchid (oolong)

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 Phoenix Dan Congs are known for their rich floral aromas. The Snow Orchid variety has been grown for hundreds of years, propagated from clippings of the original oolongs of Phoenix mountain. This 2017 Snow Orchid is made from the leaves of younger bushes that undergo a heavy roast. The long roast balances the verve and intensity of the young leaves creating a smooth vanilla tobacco sensation that yields to a sweet sesame note in later steepings.

Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China

Variety: Mi Lan Xiang(descendent from original Feng Huang Shui Xian)

Harvest Time: Late April

Tea Master: Ye Han Zhong

Picking Standard: 2-3 slightly open leaves (zhong kai mian)