Stratus Seasonal Blend

Stratus Seasonal Blend

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Region:  Konga, Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia and Kindeng, Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Farm:  Sede Washing Station, Kindeng Plantation Mill

Variety/Cultivar:  Ethiopia Heirloom, Arusha, Typica

Altitude:  1500-1870 masl

Process:  Natural, Washed

Stratus Winter 2019 is comprised of an Ethiopia Coffee Exchange natural and washed coffee from the Kindeng centralized plantation mill in Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea. Sede Washing Station accepts cherry from neighboring small holders, processed as natural lots. The “Kunjin” processed at Kindeng comes from small holders, each cultivating an average of 2500 trees on about 1.5 hectares of land. With higher quality purchases separated as micro lots, cherries are sorted, depulped, and fermented dry for 24 hours. After washing the coffee is dried on tarpaulins for three to six days

Floral notes from Juniper to Elderflower, dark berries, and spiced malt chocolates make for a nuanced yet balanced iteration of Groundswell’s introductory brew.